Creation of a real lightsaber

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Are lightsabers possible?

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Forceful Valentines

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Throwable Lightsaber Add-on (Beta Only)

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Product description. The final challenge in becoming a Jedi Knight is to build your own lightsaber. With the Remote Controlled Lightsaber Room Light, young Padawans can construct their own Jedi lightsaber and mount their creation as a room light on the wall.

A laser-powered lightsaber would therefore be extremely unwieldy, not to mention constituting a real health and safety nightmare. Allow the slightest lapse of attention during a battle and you could accidentally decapitate your best friend or slice off your own toes.

This page contains material which is kept because it is considered humorous. Please do not take it too seriously. The letter referenced media reports describing the laser as a "lightsaber", which it said made it clear that the public was being led to believe that the product was "an official lightsaber device".

Sep 26,  · Science trumps the Force to create a real-life lightsaber. Researchers from MIT and Harvard create a new form of matter and teach us all a lesson about the power of quantum friendship. The lightsaber is a focused beam energy weapon in the shape of a blade with a metal hilt Each lightsaber is approximately 30cm in length while the blade itself is normally about a meter long and always cylindrical.

Both the Jedi and Sith have chosen the lightsaber as their preferred weapon.

Reed Richards Is Useless Creation of a real lightsaber
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