Nginx redirect loop re write as a logarithmic equation

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Linux man pages: directory of all pages, by project

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Aug 08,  · how i see it: in my config, first is the rewrite of the carddav / caldav (which you have as well) to redirect them to the owncloud directory, if that one is missing.

Once they are rewritten to /owncloud/, they match the location regex which redirects the various documents to the right files, leaving the URI intact. since my document root is. In a few cases the detected redirect does not work, resulting in a loop.

Re: Rewrite http_referer

You should then remove horse-training-videos.comss redirect using FTP. On NGINX, if you want to do a redirect before WordPress is loaded like horse-training-videos.comss, you can add a redirect in the Questions: I am attempting to host three separate WordPress sites in three different directories with Nginx.

After hours of research, I am completely unable to find a configuration that allows me to access both /wp-admin and various pages on the site. 4 days ago · I'm trying to strip some "bad" characters from a url and then redirect to the fixed version, but it's not working because nginx is double-escaping the rest of the uri.

Dec 02,  · 2 - Using a nginx rewrite rule (rewrite ^/.*)/$ /$1 permanent;) in file to force redirecting slash requests to non-slash requests but this lead me to other redirection-loop.

Oct 13,  · If I keep it all in one server, the port redirect results in an endless loop. Only option would be an nginx if statement, which is baaad for performance. http2 in ssl is needed to add nginx support for http2 (already compiled in by me).

Nginx redirect loop re write as a logarithmic equation
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