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Postgraduate Coursework Options

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Postgraduate study

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Undergraduate & Postgraduate Coordinators

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Ageing and Health

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Postgraduate coursework Page Content The School of Risk & Actuarial, UNSW Australia Business School offers postgraduate students a range of coursework courses in the fields of Actuarial Studies and Risk Management.

Postgraduate coursework involves units of study presented in lectures and tutorials that can include group work with fellow students, assignments and exams.

Postgraduate Coursework

You can choose to do a Graduate Certificate, a Graduate Diploma or a Masters Degree. UNSW Built Environment offers Postgraduate degrees in Architecture, Construction Project Management, City Planning, Property and Development, Sustainable Built Environment, Urban Development and Design, Urban Policy and Strategy & Urban Renewal and Housing.

For international students, applications for postgraduate coursework programs at the School of Public Health and Community Medicine are online through UNSW Apply Online.

Please contact the Student Services office for further information [email protected] The Scholarships have been established to encourage high achieving domestic and international students to apply for the Faculty's growing list of postgraduate coursework programs.

Postgraduate Coursework Study. For students who: have completed a UG degree and are interested in PG coursework mode; Study. For students who: wish to study without award of a formal degree, diploma or certificate; SEARCH THE UNSW HANDBOOK. Quick Search. Select a Study Level and enter a word or phrase for the Program, Stream, Course or.

Postgraduate coursework unsw
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