Roswell crash alien writing alphabet

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Roswell UFO incident

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The curious case of the alien in the photo

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Symbols, alien writing found on UFO that crashed at Roswell! Jul 24,  · the pieces are suposed to be taken from the roswell ufo crash in the letters has ben translated and the actual meanning is ''freedom'' if it is not a hoax,i believe it has to do with.

The town of Roswell in New Mexico became infamous after reports that a flying saucer had crashed in the desert near a military base there on or around July 2, They seem to bear a resemblance to the Greek alphabet, and they're very similar to alien symbols found on wreckage of the Roswell UFO crash (on the right side).

Find this Pin and more on Roswell by Danielle Tomerlin. The popularization of the idea of the Grey alien is commonly associated with the Barney and Betty Hill abduction claim, which purportedly took place in New Hampshire inalthough skeptics see precursors in science fiction and earlier paranormal claims; Grey aliens are also famed from earlier depictions of the Roswell UFO incident.

Alien ET Alphabet ET Script, ET Writing and Symbolism By Global ET Research. There is much interest concerning an alien alphabet, alien writing and ET symbols, which is why we decided to put together some credible examples of these for our readers who are searching for this information.

Roswell crash alien writing alphabet
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