Uts coursework assessment

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Uts Coursework Assessment Policy Procedures Manual – 534666

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During your time at UTS, you may be required to complete a number of different types of assessment for each subject. Detailed assessment requirements, including weighting of assessment items, due dates and arrangements for collection and return of assessment items.

UTS Online is an online tool used by students and academics for sharing, storing and accessing subject materials, including subject outlines, assessment guidelines & dates and important subject information.

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assessment item number/ title I confirm that I have read, understood and followed the guidelines for assignment submission and presentation on page 2 of this cover sheet.

Subject assessment.

Postgraduate course information

During your time at UTS, you may be required to complete a number of different types of assessment for each subject. HELPS (Higher education language & presentation support) provides English language and academic literacy support to UTS undergraduate and postgraduate coursework students via free non-credit programs and.

The UTS: Handbook is the authoritative source of information on approved courses and subjects offered at University of Technology, Sydney. Using a modern browser that supports web standards ensures that the site's full visual experience is available.

The Coursework Assessment Procedures (the Procedures) implement the Coursework Assessments Policy (the Policy) and should be read in conjunction with the Policy. 2. Scope All UTS student forms and procedures will be made available on the special circumstances webpage.

Uts coursework assessment
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